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We aim to help you find a higher place to be! Your increased awareness, strength, compassion and wisdom is our primary motivator. You are a miracle and you deserve to be free from the chains of indoctrination that have prevented all of us from truly expressing our nature.


Ascended World strives so that you can THRIVE! A thriving world is something to aim for. A world where all living things thrive! In peace, In balance, in liberty.
The world is a magical place and we can make it so much better than it is. We have the chance now to really make a difference and bring about a Golden Age of Consciousness and WONDER!

What is Humankind’s True Nature?

Our true nature as a species is not to go to war or greed, materialism and competing with each other on every level. This is NOT human nature. We have been indoctrinated over multiple generations to believe s specific narrative, made up of of ‘Half truths’ and lies combined. We have been held back by the elites and the people in power, in control of our education systems, churches, entertainment and media and every aspect of society. The entire system is designed to support an elite few and keep the rest of us in a form of ‘willing servitude’ to our ‘masters’.


We have put an enormous amount of effort to provide our members with an efficient web-application, and we take the extra step to make sure that each member gets the best quality service. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email or Encrypted Chat. To get started simply sign up below.

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Qanons, Patriots, Righteous Freedom Fighters Our Time is Now!

Ascended World is a platform for banned, censored and otherwise senstitive content. If you are sick of being censored by the democratic left, Ascended World is for you!

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