Welcome to the #QArmy!
Intel, Investigations & Research – 07 Marine Corps Volunteers & The Alliance – #WWG1WGA #Qanon #JFKJnr

 Qanons, Truthers, Spiritualists, Researchers, Investigators, Patriots, Veterans, Service Personel and Freedom-Fighters. It is essential we put our minor differences aside and unify to create a world where we are truly free, self governing and living under God in ConstitutionalLaw

The Awakening of Gaia | Self Actualisation | Framing Reality | The Next Lost Civilisation | Rebirth

001AQ Drop21 June 2020 @ 08:28:17 Tip

Why decode and expose corruption with a DIGITAL ARMY?
How many times have you heard people say “Well what can we do?”
If you are reading this…you are already DOING!
Awareness is understanding.
Follow The White Rabbit!
How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

002AQ Drop21 June 2020 @ 08:32:05 Tip

Wizards & Warlocks.
We see & hear EVERYTHING!
Nothing remains hidden.
Everything comes into the light.
Magic happens when you are guided by God & the ultimate purpose.
Fighting for freedom, justice & Equality for ALL!


003AQ Drop21 June 2020 @ 08:35:43 Tip

Discernment, impartiality, logic & reason.
What is the ‘Socratic Method’?
How does it better serve to assist in understanding the nature of reality?
How do you get someone to ‘THINK’?
Sometimes you can’t just tell people.
Sometimes you have to show them how to ‘SEE FOR THEMSELVES’!
You Have More Than You Know

004AQ Drop21 June 2020 @ 08:39:37  Tip

We Are Q & We Fight For Truth.
It ALL CoNnects.
Dots in the matrix.
Think Epstein.
Why was [PIZZAGATE] never investigated?
W.H.O. controls the narrative?
W.H.O. does the Narrative serve?
What is the [DNC]?
The Alliance vs The Deep State

005 – AQ Drop21 June 2020 @ 08:42:09 Tip

What is the Q Clock?
How does it work?
What is Q Delta?
How many times has Q posted & within 1 second DJT tweets?
How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?
Do you need PROOF?
What are Q Proofs?
What is Numerology?
What is Gematria?

006AQ Drop 21 June 2020 @ 08:46:47 Tip

Early Morning Research Team – (EMTR) 
We live on CoVFeFe.
What is CoVFeFe?
How can we live on it?
Does it help to WAKE you UP^^^?
What else can help AWAKEN you in the morning?
The more you know…

007AQ Drop21 June 2020 @ 08:50:03Tip

We are united in a common cause.
Q provides the crumbs, we provide the foot soldiers.
This is not about Blue or Red, or Black or White.
This is about Good vs Evil.
It’s gonna be BIBLICAL!

008AQ Drop21 June 2020 @ 08:53:24Tip

Are you ready AUTISTS?
Be the #Autist WE KNOW you ARE!
Q knew
So should you!
What is the connection between DJT, JGT & Tesla?
How does that connect to Q?
What is an ‘Underground Journey’?
How are Q/Q+ always 5 steps ahead of the [D’s] & [DeepState][DNC][Cabal]?
Watch – Fall Cabal 1 – 10

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