It Starts With The Childen

It Starts With The Children

Why the Children?
I was never blessed by the grace of having my own children…at least…not that i know of 😉
I came close to having a son, called Sol, but that wasn’t to be. Believe it or not but I was on a plane, on my Dad’s 74th birthday, flying back from Portugal. My, now, ex girlfriend was in Sweden having an abortion under pressure from her parents. I literally had psychosomatic lower abdomen pains while sitting by the aircraft window. As this was happening, the pilot made an announcement instructing everyone to “Take a look out of the right windows…you will see a very unusual view of the Moon!”
I looked out of the window and I swear to God we were looking ‘DOWN’ on the Moon :O a totally full moon! Flying at 38,000 ft the moon was rising over Spain but it was literally below me.
I took this as message to ‘rise above my emotions’ and at that second i looked up and in the sky right above me where two clouds…one in the shape of a babies skull and the other in the shape of a fetus. :O WOW! I was literally awoken by the synchronicity of it all.
What I am trying to say in all of this is I understand what it is to have a divine connection with the spirit of your unborn child and that divine connection reminds me of the divine connection I have with my own parents who always loved me and always forgave me for everything i EVER did wrong. That is the DEFINITION of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!
So, even though i still to this day, i have no children. I realize…especially in the last 4 weeks how very precious and important the children of the world truly are! My stance on child abuse or any kind of abuse, be that physical, emotional, mental etc…has always been righteous and standing on the side of divinity! I DO NOT SUPPORT IT AND STOP IT WHEN I CAN!
Don’t get me wrong…I am no saint. I am full of flaws, just like the next person. I have anger management issues, motivational issues, self confidence issues and i take things way too personally sometimes. I know and I am working on those things but I have always stood on the side of goodness. I am fundamentally a very good person and do my best to tell my self that frequently. Words, after all, have energy and words are thoughts. So…have good thoughts <3
A Force For Peace & A Bridge Between Worlds
I have always, since i was a child, been a force for bringing peace between people. In school i used to break up fights not encourage them. When my parents would fight it was always me that got them to kiss and make up.
My Mayan birth symbol is ‘White Self Existing World Bridger’. I bridge the worlds between people and bring them together.
The apex of my mission to bring people together so far has been organizing some of the most sumptuous, thoroughly decorated, themed environments at festivals and events. Chill-out zones that look and feel like another world and have a tangible influence on your energies in a very positive way.
I hope one day in the not too distant future to organize another ‘unforgettable’ event for everyone to experience. Putting on events that ‘move you’ is something I pride my self on.
All my skills, all my talents and all my LOVE goes into making these events extremely special, high vibratory experiences for the people that come.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing the reactions and the healing that takes place at these events. people respond incredibly well to them and this proves to me society needs to be switched towards that ‘idea’ as everyday life…not just at an event or festival.
The Children Hold The Key to Our future
The song says it all. I believe the children are our future. Teach them WELL and let them LEAD the way…
And I stand by that statement 1000%
Being the son of three generations of teachers on my Mother’s line…I have a genetic imprint of what it is to teach. It is part of who I am. Subsequently I find I have a natural understanding of how teaching should really be. Not because of my relations but because of my deeper understanding of the system as a whole. coupled with my understanding of teaching. This means I see where the system could be radically changed to ‘affect’ huge and noticeable progression in all children not just a few.
How we teach our children is one of the most influential ways of ‘mapping’ the future of human kind.
By recognizing that the current education system is failing and has systematically failed millions of children with so much potential that never stood a chance due to the highly ‘flawed’ nature of the ‘indoctrination’ behind education.
Current Education Breeds Stupid
From the documentary Unveiled & Lifted “The problems of our world are not because of the fact…but ‘in spite’ of the fact we have all been educated!”
You only need to look at the levels of ‘stupid’ found very readily among the people these days. It is shocking how dumb people are and, they are so dumb, they are not even aware they have been ‘made that way’,. Not only are they unaware…they don’t care either.
This is a combination of poor education systems and all the mindless, meaningless, pointless ‘distractions’ pumped to us by the mainstream media.
You only need to look at the current trending topics on YT or Google to see the most popular subjects ‘tend’ to be entirely void of inherent value.
Case in point: The Jordie Shore, Big Brother, Kim Kardashian’s Butt Implants, Katelyn Jenner and a plethora of entirely meaningless dribble for the meaningless sheeple masses specifically designed to distract you from the TRUTH of our reality. To keep you ‘entertained’ with worthless crap so you don’t ‘question’ anything or even notice the FACT that all of the ‘signs’ and ‘clues’ for the existence of a ‘overruling hierarchical power elite’ have been hidden right in front of them all along!
The most obvious and widely dismissed of these being the very blatant ‘salute’ to the ‘dark side’…printed right their on the US dollar note. The Pyramid & The All Seeing Eye. Which, of course, needs no introduction and yet serves as the perfect example of how the ruling elite tell us who they are, who they serve and what they plan for us through all the systems that hold our society together. Their symbolism can be seen throughout the fabric of society in logos, films, performances and so on.
The promotion of child transvestism and the sexualisation of the young through perverted media. MTV music videos, scantily clad males and females all giving ‘in your face’ sexual innuendos and suggestibility and this is what our children are being exposed to. Subsequently we are now seeing an increasing number of children behaving, imitating and experimenting with things…that no child should even be aware of until they come of age and even then…abstinence is not a bad thing at all. When we abstain we retain our innocents and purity. Not only that but the act of ejaculation is, in many respects, a waste of ‘LIFE FORCE’ energy unless for the purposes of ‘procreation’, or for the purposes of relieving specific levels of tension related to sexuality which is rare. If one is abstinent then one is also unlikely to be ‘going’ down the road of fantasy causing arousal which would, ultimately, lead to the need for such tension release.
To avoid temptation may sound religious but it is very good for your self control and purity of body and spirit. I encourage it in everyone. Reduce reduce reduce. IF you HAVE to have sex…then I will only ‘ask’ you consider making sure that experience is ‘meaningful’ and not just a lustful fulfillment of physical desire.
Try to ’embrace’ the ‘person’ not just their body. try to ‘be one’ with them. FEEL them! SEE THEM! Meaningful sexual practice can be a literal ‘DIVINE UNION’ between two souls. In such situations you may hear or even see the angels sing…like I did with the woman mentioned in the beginning of this article.
We had many, obviously ;), experiences like this together and one in particular in which we both experienced multiple, ‘internal’ orgasms that lasted 20 minutes or more…A ‘kundalini awakening’. I had literal visions of angels around the bed rejoicing….shortly after this she was carrying my child <3 😀
I know many people will wholeheartedly disagree with this and that is fine. You are entitled to as you please with your body…but, if you are serious about walking the path to ascension then you should consider my words.
Sacred sexuality is a thing! Tantric sexuality or Tantric Yoga is a thing! It is a higher vibratory frequency of love making. It is beyond love making. It induces out of body experiences and the intertwining of your souls. It is the definition of ‘DIVINE UNION’! If society promoted sacred sexuality instead of promiscuity, society would be a very different place. people would be very different in general. Instead of ‘throwing away’ your life force. You keep it and only go there when all the elements are set for a divine union with your partner.
Like many things in life, they can be used for good and evil. Sexuality can be used for good and for getting closer to God.
I once heard a statement and, unfortunately, i cannot remember where i heard it, but it says, and this will only apply to men in it’s literal sense but you can change it to suit your ‘status’…”The pathway to God is through the divine union with a woman!” and vice versa… the pathway to god is through the divine union with a man!.
But I digress…but it is relevant and I should also explain that there are an awful lot of people talking, exposing and spreading all this information about the deep state, the hidden cabal, the NWO conspiracies and conspiracy theories and so on…
People such as David Icke. Now i know…he is like MARMITE! You either like him or you hate him. Well I neither like him nor hate him. As a speaker and presenter i find him a little defensive, sometimes intensely ‘manic’ and i sense an air of intense paranoia. Which i guess goes with the territory.
Anyway…the point is not what he talks about, in this current context, but more what he DOESN’T talk about that concerns me.
…And it’s not just David Icke. Many of these ‘Truthers’ are very passionate about TELLING you whats going on but hardly any of them offer any solutions or methods by which we can do something about…ANY of it!

It’s all well and good exposing the problems of our world but what are you going to do about it? Leave it for the rest of us to figure out? So do you not think, as the ‘messenger’ it is incumbent upon you to, at the very least, offer some methods for solution finding?
You see one of the biggest questions people have when you spill the beans regarding the Deep State and the Hidden Cabal and all their pedophilia and trafficking, followed by laying out the plans these ‘control freaks’ have to create a one world government and chip us all…is “WTF can we do about it?”RECOGNIZE THAT WE CAN DO SOMETHING

I hope that by now you can already see there is a lot we can be doing, actively, right now, to help bring about the world we all truly deserve.
For the last 30 years the exposure of conspiracies of silence against the human race has led us to THIS POINT!
To the precipice of radical change on earth. Now is the time to BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE! Start growing your own food. Stop FEEDING the beast by buying into it with your hard earned cash. Instead buy locally and/or from privately owned independent traders. A RETURN TO THE SOURCE means ‘literally’ breaking away from the system. Stop buying ‘brands’ and ‘labels’. It is shallow and meaningless. nobody gives two farts whether or not you wear Prada. We are fast moving way above and beyond that.
Start to see the ‘Person’ not the labels and that includes labels from government, psychologists or anything else.
Rip open your TV set and recycle the precious metals then throw it out. The TV is only filling your head with deep programming and misinformation. Not fake but misinformation. Deliberately so you are disempowered by a lack of knowledge of how the true nature of reality is.
When you stop listening to CNN & Sky news and start listening to music, spending more time in nature, you very quickly feel the benefits of doing so. Everyone likes nature and we always feel better for interacting with it. Nature is part of our true ‘source’.
By returning to nature and natural living you are returning to the GARDEN.
You are helping to bring about a true Golden age.
These are just some suggestions and I will be presenting many solutions, methods and systems by which ‘we’ can collectively move forward in to a new age with the sword of Righteousness in our hands!
Lets Understand Where We Are & How We Got Here So We can Understand Where We Need To Go…!
The Decay of Morality
Call me old fashioned but what will the long term effects of such blatant moral depravity in our society be? Will we be looking at a generation of sexual, blood drinking, occult worshiping misfits?
Honestly I want you to ask all these questions and seriously look at what the side effects of such a ‘bombardment’ of ‘base chakra’ energies throughout our societies will be in the long run. I think you know the answers to this! In virtually every aspect of society we see the infiltration of dark and negative energies working right out in the open. None of it is being hidden, which is a good thing, i guess, so we can take it down and remove it entirely from being hidden or not…but unfortunately in the process of this dark force rising, many people will be and have been and continue to be negatively affected by it.
How we influence children, the young, young adults and adults alike should be given some serious reconsideration. The society we live in is so corrupted and so ‘sick’ the only way we are going to change it is if we start to look at the ROOT causes of the problems.
Education systems are one of the primary targets of radical change in my mission to protect the children of the future.
While I write this a voice said “The reason you have no children is so you can focus on this message. It requires 100% of your energy and attention to be made manifest!”
So I am ok with not having children of my own as I know that I can use that remaining part of my self to serve others and guide others towards these shared goals.
I believe if we can change society so that education encourages ‘individual’ and collective learning. Not with a ‘fixed’ an forced set of subjects…but with an unlimited amount of subjects. To encourage our children to learn about what interests them at the time. To become a resource for their learning by helping them instead of telling them to go and look it up. This increases the bond we have as parents with our child and subsequently their growth and learning is smooth, enjoyable and productive. They express their curiosity and we encourage it.
When our children get taught invaluable life skills in their ‘preferred’ educational environment, not only is it enjoyable but they will benefit from SEEING their own progress happen rapidly and enthusiastically and this in turn fuels the desire to learn more and get even better which in turns fuels increased and faster learning.
Humans love to learn things but not when it is forced and of no interest or ‘perceived’ value.
I believe the current education system fails miserably at allowing the pupils to ‘perceive’ the value of the lesson taught aside from the standard response…”So you can get a good job!”.
If we changed our education system to include ‘mindfulness’, ’emotional intelligence’, ‘lateral thinking’, ‘critical thinking’, ‘meditation’, ‘self reliance’, ‘gratitude and respect’, ‘problem solving’, ‘1 minute management’, ‘positive thinking’, ‘perception of reality’, ‘natural & spiritual law’, ‘public speaking’, and many other modalities that ultimately promote ‘human brilliance’…the world will be a very different place. You wont have a sall handful of geniuses like the last century. Einstein, Tesla etc…you will have an entire generation of brilliant human beings. Morally incorruptible, spiritual warriors and the next evolutionary leap for humankind and the planet.
Our brilliance and ascension will be felt throughout the physical and nonphysical world. The same way our worst possible traits have come to ‘dominate’ society today and influenced the world into possible oblivion…we have the power to turn this on its head!
First you must understand how a system based on the principle of a literal UTOPIA, formed and structured around the philosophies of Neohumanism and run without the need for any money what so ever, works and how it is the alternative.

Most people believe THIS IS IT! That this is the only way humans can live. They couldn’t be more wrong. That is the power of the system of indoctrination when it is used to suppress peoples ability to ‘THINK’ and rationalize rather than just accept everything that is presented to them blindly.

This is why I believe the children are the most powerful tool we can use on the righteous path to make our world ‘whole’ and ‘pure’. To return all human and animal kind to the GARDEN!!!
When we start to change how we educate and treat our children…the world will flourish. All of nature will benefit from a truly thriving human species that ‘CONTRIBUTES’ to the environment, not depletes it. The world’s resources are ‘FINITE’. There is not a limitless supply for us to continue down the path we have been.
We have to take this time of lock-down and stillness to seriously ask…WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OUR WORLD?

Global Pollution Heat Map

WE need to turn EVERY aspect of society on it’s head. that is both a metaphor and a literal action that has to happen. All system have been metaphorically ‘inverted’ and this is what is driving the world down this slippery slope into the new age. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius is literally upon us full speed. We have to choose our future wisely and with divine ‘insight’ and pure perception. There is a fine line right now between 3 possible outcomes for humanity.

1. The current globalists and Gates & Co get their way and the world will become a living hell.
2. The opposition, which is coming in the form of peace, but is in fact also fighting for the same ‘total global control’.
3. The Golden Age of enlightenment, spirituality and wonder. This ‘IDEA’ is where you need to focus your intentions.
The REAL golden age will be a society beyond anything you can imagine but it will also be a return to source, a return to herbal medicine, natural healing, ecological balance and harmony, freedom of expression without oppression from governments or alphabet agencies, a system of self governing individuals whose voices are counted and who are never tracked or spied on.
The golden age will be nothing like this society or the society you know today.
There will be no need for money. Not even a bartering tool as everything in the golden age will be free and built to last a lifetime.
There will be no chasing after the next great fashion, consumerism, greed, or pollution.
In the golden age there will be no need for police as crime is a result of the many flaws of the 1st Beast (Old system)
In the golden age, there will be no need to steal or lie as everything you need is yours whenever you need it.
in the golden age we will only have what we need. Excess and materialism will be frowned upon and discouraged.
In the golden age there will be no need for planned obsolescence as that is a side effect of a ‘profit based’ system. This very greedy method of manipulating people is a snake eating it self! You cannot have a profit based system without planned obsolescence. the products are specifically designed to fail within a given period of time so you are forced to buy a new one.
This profit based system has taken away the small, independent and privately owned ‘repair’ shops of old where you would take you radio to be fixed. The profit based system has spawned the ‘throw away society’.
The Throw Away Society
Today we just throw everything away. The planet simply canno sustain the profit based system. No matter how much recycling you do…until the ENTIRE system is comletely changed away from the need for profit…the future is not looking good even if the NWO weren’t trying to force vaccinate and digitally enlave us…the facts are the earth cannot and will not sustain this system.
If we do not change the entire system, not only will we become extinct as a species in our own rite…we might just destroy every living thing on earth in the process. We have, after all, already killed 60% of ALL wildlife on Earth!
No matter how you look at the situation there is NO other way than the total removal of money, profit, capitalism and consumption of resources for profit!
When the world is no longer controlled by money and greed, ONLY then will we walk into the golden age of peace and equality for ALL living things!
This old image from the 60’s explaining the methods used at the time, for the creation of profits based on planned obsolescence. In those days, you see…things where still built to pretty high standards with hard wearing materials so in order to maximize profits through this method they would create ‘newer’ versions of the same products…rendering the old product obsolete and thus ‘tempting’ you to keep up with peer group pressure. Pressure that stems from the forces of that same system of profit. A systemic response to greed and material consumerism.
When i said the golden age will be a return to the old ways…this is what I am talking about. Not just in terms of profits but in terms of how we live our day to day lives.
We will grow our own foods and share that food with our neighbors and families. In a profitless system there is more than enough resources on earth to maintain the current population and in fact maintain ten times more than that.

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