The #Deepstate Have LOST

So…because the coronavirus has lost all the momentum they wanted from it. Momentum designed to force us all into a medical tyranny controlled by Bill Gates and George Soros.
Because the Liberal Democrats are a sore bunch of evil, idiotic despotic and cannot stand Donald Trump…they have started a race war.
The [D’s] are trying everything they can to make sure Trump doesn’t get reelected. This race war they have orchestrated along with the assistance of George Soros is their next attempt to control the narrative and enforce marshal law.

Let’s see how this rolls out over the next couple of days.

The people have had enough! They are sick of being told what we can and can’t do. They are also sick of police brutality and ignorance.

This was designed, probably a hit on George Floyd. It seems his name is attached to some leaked documents from Wikileaks in relation to money laundering.

There are lots of unanswered questions surrounding his death including the fact they knew each other and/or worked in the same company in the past.

Not only that but the ambulance crew where not ambulance crew. They took a pulse reading and put him on the gurney and drove off. Too clean, to rehearsed and not at all what you expect to happen.

Anyway. This is the intro to my next big article.

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