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***BREAKING NEWS*** Downing Street announces that COVID Death Certs are Being Falsified

This is from the Downing Street #COVID Daily Briefing Centre. The Chief Scientific Advisor to the Uk Government, Sir.Patrick Valance, stated that the Office of National Statistics Covid rates are ‘People that have got covid on their death certificates but that doesn’t necessarily mean they died from Covid as many of them haven’t been tested and we just need to understand the difference!’
So what he is basically saying is they ‘HAVE’ been #falsifying the records which is what we have been saying all along. There is a direct and unmistakable correlation with the rise in Covid deaths and the fall in ALL other deaths of any kind.
Why the people are just standing by allowing this to happen is beyond me!
Please share this information an let everyone know so we can demand the government be abolished and DRAINED of these CRIMINAL TYRANTS!!!
ALL BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TRUMP TO WIN THE ELECTIONS! Yes that’s right…the ROYAL PRIVY COUNCIL of HRH OLD QUEENY & The British Secret Services are right on the tail of an undercover operation, head by the Queen and the Privy assholes, to take Donald Trump out of office.
If you are wondering where I am getting this information from…#RUSSIAGATE. It wasn’t RussiaGate at all! It was #britaingate and blamed on Russia as a diversion tactic and most likely in the hope it would trigger WW3.

I firmly believe with Trump in power we have dodged a large onslaught of ‘bullets’, like WW3, or war in Iran or North Korea. I believe had [HRC] got into power…we would be at war now and it would be far worse than this #fakeplandemic @realDonaldTrump

#wwg1wga #trusttheplan #qanon 

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