Mystery Explosions Rock Philadelphia Throughout Night; ATM Thieves Suspected

As the protests and riots continue across the country, many in Philadelphia are reporting random explosions throughout the city echoing into the night. These don’t seem to be directly related to the protests. Many suspect it’s thieves using explosives to bust open ATM machines and snag all the cash.

An ATM was blown up and money was taken around 11pm on the 1500 block of W Rockland St in the Logan section of Philadelphia #phillyexplosions

— Katie Katro (@KatieKatro6abc) June 2, 2020


— OhSnap! (@bigbabyjebus) June 2, 2020

For the people who has been hearing explosions in the philly area, this is one of them. This happened earlier. That is the view from my home. #phillyexplosions

— Yolanda Lopez (@Nikthecreator97) June 2, 2020

Blown up atm 29th & Girard shared via nextdoor #phillyexplosions

(@bethheinly) June 2, 2020

#PhillyExplosions Basically… looters using M80 to loot ATMs. And annoying agitators, spammy anarchist type, and bot tweeters are hijacking the confusion to try to make Philadelphia fearful that some shady stuff was going on with @PhillyPolice and National Guard. Don’t buy it

— _mia_007 (@_mia_007) June 2, 2020

With exhausted media and police, nothing is being reported anywhere about it:

its 2:56AM ]no news outlet is covering what is going on right now, i have been hearing gunshots, explosions, helicopters, and sirens all night long….wtf is going on out here. #phillyexplosions #westphilly @CBSPhilly @NBCPhiladelphia

— neemo_90 (@_MiSSNELL_) June 2, 2020

#phillyexplosions checked multiple police scanners , all silent. Still hearing bangs back to back, a helicopter flew back over my apartment from philly. CHECK ON YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY #philly

— Allie S (@AllieS77022966) June 2, 2020

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