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Probably just a synchronicity mind you but hey. this is what happens when you are ‘awoken’! Telepathy, great minds think alike and so on #wwg1wga

Trump Admits to Having Been Taking Hydroxychloroquine For Almost Two Weeks With Zinc

President Donald J Trump has shocked MSN [D’s] with his statements on Hydroxychloroquine yesterday afternoon.

Trump said “A lot of good things have come out about Hydroxy. A lot of good things have come out! You’d be surprised the number of people that are taking it. Especially the ‘front line workers’, BEFORE you catch it, as a preventative. Many are taking it!
I happen to be taking it! I happen to be taking it!”
-Reporters “You’re taking Hydroxychloroquine?”
-Trump “I’m taking it. Hydroxychloroquine!”
-Reporter “When have you taken it?”
-Trump “Right now yeah! A couple of weeks ago I started taking it! I think its good I’ve heard a lot of good stories about it and if it’s not good I’m gonna tell you right! I’m not gonna get hurt by it. It’s been around for 40 years for maleria, for lupis, for other things…I’d take it, front line workers take it. A lot of doctors take it and I take it. I hope to not to take it soon, i hope they come up with some answer but i think the people should be allowed to…!”

Trump is clearly putting the wellbeing of the people above all else in this situation. It is quite clear he is doing this to prevent the vaccines from being forced on us. MSN’s [D’s] reaction to it is, as predictable as always, IT WILL KILL YOU! ITS DANGEROUS and blah blah blah but what e are seeing unfolding here is actually a lot bigger than a lot of people realise.

Let me explain.

Hydroxychloroquine or #HCQ is an old generic drug used for the treatment of various diseases. It is very cheap to manufacture and it CURES the diseases it treats. This is the key here. You see big pharma do not deal in cures. They deal in treatments which do not fix the illness but mask it. Meaning you have to keep buying their useless drugs until you die basically.
Trump knows the #deepstate is firmly embedded in the pharma industry. He knows that Gates, Fauci and Soros have an evil plan to vaccinate and chip all of us but trump doesn’t want that.

Trump actually said “If people want to have a vaccine they can. IF THEY WANT TO!

So Trump is steering this ship around the #deepstate cabal while simultaneously exposing them as tyrannical.

Why do the MSN [D’s] want the lockdown to carry on? Why don’t they want us to get the cures?

Because this is all they have to take down Trump. The only way for them to defeat him in the next election is to continue the lockdown and the breakouts of sickness as they ‘THINK’ it will reflact badly on Trump.

They are so full of hubris and arrogance they are incapable of seeing what we see. They utter contempt for America and patriots worldwide.

There is also another painfully obvious reason MSN [D’s] do’t want #HCQ to get out. It is a wonder drug pure and simple!

New information coming out supports the theory that #HCQ can decalcify the pineal gland! See the image below and do some research on this.

If this actually be the casse then this would be the most powerful reason to get this drug distributed to every man woman and child on earth.

A decalcified pineal gland is basically pineal gland activation. Enabling much higher states of consciousness. Our water supply in most countries around the world is poisoned with Fluoride and their reasons are it’s good for your teeth. Well tyhat is just IDIOTIC as my teeth are not in my guts are they. Topically fluoride my protect against tooth decay…but ONLY topically. It is a POISON nothing more nothing less.
Slow ingestion of fluoride causes the pineal gland to calcify over time. This causes people to remain in a very ‘physical’ mindset devoid of spiritual connection and incapable of reaching the ‘actual’ true potential of the individual.
It is a Nazi discovery adopted by the west to enforce a slow ‘dumbing down’ of society turning us into willing slaves without the mental ability to question tht servitude and even defend it.

When you understand this and the reasons for keeping humans basically in a constant state of non-connection to source…you understand why a drug such as #HCQ id such a threat to the NWO Agenda.


Q did say “The people must be shown!’
Q did say many times…Hydroxychloroquine is the cure.

#YouHaveMoreThanYouKnow #WWG1WGA

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This is from the Downing Street #COVID Daily Briefing Centre. The Chief Scientific Advisor to the Uk Government, Sir.Patrick Valance, stated that the Office of National Statistics Covid rates are ‘People that have got covid on their death certificates but that doesn’t necessarily mean they died from Covid as many of them haven’t been tested and we just need to understand the difference!’
So what he is basically saying is they ‘HAVE’ been #falsifying the records which is what we have been saying all along. There is a direct and unmistakable correlation with the rise in Covid deaths and the fall in ALL other deaths of any kind.
Why the people are just standing by allowing this to happen is beyond me!
Please share this information an let everyone know so we can demand the government be abolished and DRAINED of these CRIMINAL TYRANTS!!!
ALL BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TRUMP TO WIN THE ELECTIONS! Yes that’s right…the ROYAL PRIVY COUNCIL of HRH OLD QUEENY & The British Secret Services are right on the tail of an undercover operation, head by the Queen and the Privy assholes, to take Donald Trump out of office.
If you are wondering where I am getting this information from…#RUSSIAGATE. It wasn’t RussiaGate at all! It was #britaingate and blamed on Russia as a diversion tactic and most likely in the hope it would trigger WW3.

I firmly believe with Trump in power we have dodged a large onslaught of ‘bullets’, like WW3, or war in Iran or North Korea. I believe had [HRC] got into power…we would be at war now and it would be far worse than this #fakeplandemic @realDonaldTrump

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The HEAT Is ON – ADRENOCHROME in the MSM Michael Flynn is now fully exonerated and all charged are dropped against this great general. He has a lot of incriminating evidence about the Deepstate cabal regarding pedophile rings and corrupt FBI officials.

The censorship is striking hard these days and many Qanon facebook groups are getting banned and the Q community is getting censored across all social media platforms. Q says that the BOOM week is ahead and the pace is certainly picking up as we speak and more information is leaking regarding the Russia collusion and FISA case.

Hopefully we will see DECLAS this month! Meanwhile Schifty Adam Schiff and many other corrupt democrats are losing their cool as they feel the heat up their you know what. Treason doesn’t pay well in the end. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. Michelle Obama is caught saying: ‘’All this for a damn flag’’ on camera while Barack Obama was inaugurated as president.

Donald Trump is on his heels as more evidence is showing that the Obama administration has conspired against him to get rid of POTUS. I came across a video from Bulgarian news channels in which they talk about Adrenochrome and that it is a satanic elite drug. More people are finding about the human and child trafficking that has been going on for decades and that there are children in the tunnels purely kept as livestock for the Illuminati New World Order pedophile Satanists to feast on. These people are sick.

Furthermore HCQ Hydroxychloroquine keeps making the news that it does work as an effective drug against the Coronavirus and many doctors have already stated that it is effective against COVID-19. Is this fake news or truth? One thing is for sure the MSM keeps pushing for the vaccination, Bill Gates, World Health Organization agenda story.

The Great Awakening is well underway. The question is what is your part in this fight for our freedom?

Be sure to join us in the silent war only few are aware of.


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