The HEAT Is ON – ADRENOCHROME in the MSM Michael Flynn is now fully exonerated and all charged are dropped against this great general. He has a lot of incriminating evidence about the Deepstate cabal regarding pedophile rings and corrupt FBI officials.

The censorship is striking hard these days and many Qanon facebook groups are getting banned and the Q community is getting censored across all social media platforms. Q says that the BOOM week is ahead and the pace is certainly picking up as we speak and more information is leaking regarding the Russia collusion and FISA case.

Hopefully we will see DECLAS this month! Meanwhile Schifty Adam Schiff and many other corrupt democrats are losing their cool as they feel the heat up their you know what. Treason doesn’t pay well in the end. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. Michelle Obama is caught saying: ‘’All this for a damn flag’’ on camera while Barack Obama was inaugurated as president.

Donald Trump is on his heels as more evidence is showing that the Obama administration has conspired against him to get rid of POTUS. I came across a video from Bulgarian news channels in which they talk about Adrenochrome and that it is a satanic elite drug. More people are finding about the human and child trafficking that has been going on for decades and that there are children in the tunnels purely kept as livestock for the Illuminati New World Order pedophile Satanists to feast on. These people are sick.

Furthermore HCQ Hydroxychloroquine keeps making the news that it does work as an effective drug against the Coronavirus and many doctors have already stated that it is effective against COVID-19. Is this fake news or truth? One thing is for sure the MSM keeps pushing for the vaccination, Bill Gates, World Health Organization agenda story.

The Great Awakening is well underway. The question is what is your part in this fight for our freedom?

Be sure to join us in the silent war only few are aware of.


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